Regardless of whether you are just starting or deploying an unpredictable system, launching a CubeCloud server has never been easier. We offer the quickest hardware and networking in the business with versatile environment. Our 24×7 customer bolster team is always standing by to help with any queries.

Reliable & Safe Cloud Hosting for You

Zeus-like power

Unleash the power of cloud hosting with native SSDs, a 40Gbps network, fast processing, and more.

Do more with your Cubecloud

Backups, Node Balancers, Long view, and CubeCloud Managed help keep everything running smoothly.

There's help along the way

Dive into our comprehensive guides and learn how to set up and manage your virtual servers.

Customer support that cares

Our support experts are available to assist you 24×7. Get your questions answered in minutes.

Tools to get the job done

With a powerful API, deployment StackScripts, and CLI you’ll have the right tools whenever you need them.

99.9% uptime guaranteed

Once your server’s up, keep it up. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime for server availability.

Why CubeCloud?


Protect your  data with redundant cloud backups.

One-click managed cloud backups :One click is all it takes to enroll your CubeCloud in the backup service and to start protecting your data. We manage the entire system, from making sure our backup boxes are healthy, to monitoring for failures.

A backup strategy for any situation :Three backup slots are executed and rotated automatically: a daily backup, a 2-7 day old backup, and an 8-14 day old backup. A fourth backup slot is available for on-demand backups.

Configurable backup window:You can configure when automatic backups are initiated from a list of 2 hour windows, allowing you to perform any database dumps before the backup occurs.


Ensure your valuable applications and services are highly-available.

Point-and-click high availability: NodeBalancers are highly-available, managed, cloud based, “load balancers as a service”. They intelligently route incoming request to backend CubeCloud to help your application cope with load, and to increase your application’s availability.

Built-in health monitoring :NodeBalancers monitor the health of your backend CubeCloud using both active and passive checks, and will only route requests to healthy backends.

Convenience in system administration :Take backend CubeCloud in and out of rotation via the Manager, the API, or the CLI, and perform system maintenance or software updates without missing a beat.

Load distribution for any application :Adapt to any workload, from a blog to a large application cluster and beyond. We are not just talking Web traffic either; NodeBalancers support balancing any TCP based traffic, including SSH and MySQL.


Let us manage your infrastructure so you can manage your business.

Incident response-we’ve got your back :Actively track uptime and responsiveness for every registered system and service. If a check fails, our experts will take immediate steps to get your systems back online as quickly as possible.

Dashboard metrics for your CubeCloud :Simply add URLs, IP addresses, and TCP ports to the Managed Dashboard and we’ll begin monitoring them through our multi-homed monitoring system.

Free cPanel :cPanel & WHM, the world’s most popular control panel for managing websites, is now free to CubeCloud Managed customers. Our team of experts will even install it for you.

Data protection at no additional cost :The CubeCloud backup service is automatically enabled on all your CubeCloud nodes when you enroll in Managed. Rest assured we’ve got your back if you need to roll back to a previous snapshot.

Free site migrations :With a three-month CubeCloud Managed commitment, you get two complimentary, standard site migrations performed by our Professional Services team. Additional migrations are available at reduced rates.

Discount on Professional Services work: as a CubeCloudManaged customer, you can engage this team of experts at 20% off the standard rate.

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