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Complete Payment Tracking Solution

PayTrack puts your accounts receivable and credit collections on auto-pilot with built-in workflow to help you identify who to call,when and why,with all the information makes you need to resolve disputes and to flat-out get paid faster.

 Key Benefits

Accounts receivable is typically the largest asset for most businesses and the most important source of working capital.This software provides a key platform for tracking all payments and transaction within an organization or multiple subsidiaries of a group company.

What is different about our software?

 Works independently and dedicated just to the financial department and does not have anything to do with complicated ERPs.Also allows the manager to stay connected with collectors and track payments and escalation.

Why our software?

 Easy to calculate the daily, monthly, annual payments and track payment defaulters and partial payment.Also gives increased productivity, clarity, security and flexibility.


Advantages of this Software

Decreases paper dependency and decreases manual work effort and increases visibility into the processes for the finance manager.

Key Benefits

This software is available on mobile devices and tablets. The main benefits include the minimizing of Bad Write-Offs and Reducing Days Sales Outstanding(DSO).

The most functionally complete Payments tracking solution in the market

Companies implementing systems like PayTrack realize a return on investment in about two months by getting paid faster, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with finance charges for borrowing money when cash is tight, reducing bad debt write-offs, and reducing material and postage costs through electronic invoicing and email communication. 

A modular approach

Works independently and dedicated just to the financial department and does not have anything to do with complicated ERPs.
Stay connected with collectors and track payments and escalations.
Dasboard provided within the software tracks all information and daily updates and displays it to the admin or finance manager in an easy to understand/orderly manner.
Save time on making reports, all reports can be quickly viewed and exported to excel immediately.



Increased Produvtivity                             


Reduces Complexity                             



This the most customizable payment tracking tool available currently in the market.


Mobile Friendly

The collectors can access from mobile application provided and give updates directly through the app. and go through their daily tasks. The software can hand multiple mobile users and track them during working hours.



Escalations can be defined based on any account or invoice data in the system. Escalations mainly occur due delay in payments or delay in collecting the payments so that actions can be taken without any delay by relevant departments such as legal or finance departments.

Additional Key Benefits

1. Improve Operating Efficiency
                              2. Decrease Credit Financing Costs
                              3. Improve Cash Forecasting
                              4. Minimal IT Requirements
                              5. Cloud Based
                              6. Available on Mobile device
                              7. Easy to implement  
                              8. Easy to Learn
                              9. Easy to maintain

New Release with following features

Credit Classes are used to group accounts that have the same credit and collections workflow. You may have one or dozens of credit classes depending on your needs. It is common for anytime collect cutomers to setup different credit classes for established accounts that differ from new accounts. Further down the line you can define the workflow for accounts based on their industry, products they buy, or vitually any other criteria.

Activities can occur automatically or they maybe created for credit users when conditions occur in the system. For example you may setup the system where all the customers that have invoices due in the next three days receive a friendly reminder e-mail automatically. You can then define the process that occurs as the invoice ages where a past due notice maybe sent the day the invoice is due, phone scheduled at 5 days and 15 days past due, and a collection letter sent at 30 days past due. The system can also close open actions if it is no longer required such as when a customer paument is recieved and they no longer have an open balance.

You can define the sequence of events that wil occur, if the event is sequential based on previous actions or stand-alone, how often the activity will be created ,and provide the description you want to the credit rep so they know what to do. You can also set the priority for the action so the credit user knows exactly what actions to work on first from their action list.

Actions may be defined where  the sytem uses a defined email or report letter template to generate a custom message to the customer. It may also be configured to attach PDF copies of invoices to the email for the action.

Actions may be defined with escaltions. For example, you may create a workflow activity that reassigns all invoice disputes to a particular user or you may want all invoices that are 30 days(or greater) past due and more than $10,000 reassigned to a credit manager. Escalations can be defined based on any account or invoice data in the system.


"This past months we were able to reduce our accounts receivable by over AED 700,000 and a lot of that I attribute to this program, this software”
- Shahin Moh'd Sunil
Gen. Manager, ZamZam General Contracting LLC  



Dar Al Wuheida Building
Hor Al Anz East, Dubai
United Arab Emirates 

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