Collaboration & Communication

In the present economy, insignificant communication is insufficient. You should have the capacity to team up with clients, collaborators, accomplices and other worldwide key assets whenever day or night. Yesterday’s devices simply aren’t great enough any longer.

Collaboration holds the way to changing your business in ways that we’re just beginning to recognize. Collaboration isn’t just about the technology. It is a system that influences practically all aspects of the business – from developing products and responding to competitors, to making decisions and interacting with customers. Collaboration is fast becoming the key that unlocks many of the productivity, agility, and business process improvements at the heart of organizations digital transformation initiatives.

Effective collaboration has become critical in a complex work environment where employees are geographically dispersed,travel budgets have been scrutinized and slashed, and information overload is considered normal.

At here, we believe that to thrive in this new environment,the scope of collaboration must broaden. It must combine traditional collaboration tools – email, instant messaging, team work-spaces and conferencing – with voice, video and con-texting away that matches the individual needs and each specific situation .

Enhanced collaboration can have a demonstrable impact on the effectiveness of key business processes that depend on connecting multiple teams and decision makers in multiple locations cross multiple networks.

Our open and inter operable approach allows you to integrate existing and new collaboration technologies and can be deployed in multiple ways.

  • „On-premises, working with existing infrastructure
  • „On demand, using hosted Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • „Through a blended approach that works together seamlessly
  • Solutions can be deployed in any order at a pace that fits with your
    business objectives and budgets

We'll assist you in looking at these area

Telephone and voice

Giving a merged, virtualized, area free, secure and powerful IP voice framework as the stage for richer communication  and collaboration.

Visual collaboration

Adding visual effect to remote collaboration to avoid the time and cost penalities of voyaging, enhance communication, lessen process misfortune and change business operations.

Collaborative workspace

Diminishing expenses and expanding agility by incorporating multiple correspondence channels nearness.


Executing and coordinating the most recent video-and audio conferencing platform to empower successful joint effort around the globe


Improving productivity and responsiveness by providing rich messaging capabilities in one integrated experience

Social collaboration

Providing a richer way of collaborating that leverages social media techniques and user behaviours, but remains compatible with enterprise requirements

What we offer

Let us help you:

  • Identify your current state, define the future and create a road-map to get there, with our solution
  • Analyze the way your employees meet, work together and communicate with our How Do You Meet Assessment
  • Increase the adoption of your solutions with our Usage and Adoption Programme
  • Implement and manage user-aligned technologies with planning and managed services

We can also assist you with these related solutions:

  • Enterprise mobility – giving your employees access to their work tools from anywhere, at any time, using any device
  • Client computing – helping you make the shift from next-generation desktop to user-based computing
  • Contact centers – optimizing your contact center’s performance and capabilities by integrating it with your unified communications